SenseSana’s Afropolitan, future-focused founders, Shungu, Taffy and Margaret - pride themselves on a blended approach to building resilience through change.

We are a family owned practice, and our collective, intergenerational experience is anchored in our deep spiritual values.

We believe that mental health encompasses the wellness of the whole being. This is rooted in our integral view of the human being, and as such, our clients are the focus of our practice.

Our reward is the transformation that takes place within our clients as we walk with them, the hope and strength they embody as they embrace a new way of being, new way of work or a new normal which they have recognized for themselves in our care.

It is our hope, that no matter what our client’s believe, or where they find themselves in life, that they are inspired by the soul-fullness of the word “Sana” which completes our name:


Sense (Sana = Wellness, Latin)


Sense (Sana = Utmost, Swahili)


Sense (Sana = Brilliance, Arabic)

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If you sense that our practice is a good fit for you, your organization or a group of people in your care, we would love to hear from you. We welcome your questions and we would be honoured to support you on your journey through change.

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