Resilience through change

SenseSana is a multidisciplinary practice that offers human-centered interventions for individuals, groups and organizations navigating change. We utilise coaching, counselling and behavioural change methodologies to build resilience and inspire growth.

At SenseSana

At SenseSana we believe that people have the innate ability and wisdom to embrace change. We offer a safe space for clients to engage their thoughts, emotions and experiences without self-censorship, enabling them to:






We walk alongside our clients through a process of self-discovery where our clients emerge with deeper insight and purpose that comes from within.

What we offer


Life Coaching

We coach for development, growth and transformation using the Integral Coaching® approach which engages the whole being, recognising that people are multifaceted beings with unique needs. People are not defined or limited by labels, positions or roles in life and society as such this approach is inclusive, all-encompassing and highly individualized.


Grief Coaching

Using the Coaching at End of Life® methodology we affirm the normalcy of the process of grief and identify it as a natural – and whole body – response to loss. We understand that loss is wide-ranging and believe that it is defined by the end of something as you know it. From loss of health, relationships, jobs, security, disability, trauma and indeed death.



History often reemerges during times of crisis or trauma. We give support to individuals, families and groups who want to explore, understand, and sometimes resolve problems that arise because of the past.



We are available for speaking engagements, presentations, webinars, keynote speeches and panel discussions as a way to dynamically share and learn from individual and collective life experiences through public speaking.



Change affects leaders, and teams, in different ways. We design bespoke interventions that equip organizations to engage, communicate and manage change effectively while navigating uncharted territory. We support organisational responsiveness to embedding diversity, restructuring, pivoting or working through the impact of significant events. Our approach combines insights from adaptive and generative leadership principles, organizational behavior and psychology.



Teaming is the collective imagining of what can be achieved towards a common purpose or goal. We work to motivate teams, and foster learning in groups, by exploring cutting edge techniques such as breathwork, coaching, motivational interviewing, mindfulness and group facilitation.

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.”


Our online practice

Our practice is inspired by the spaciousness, groundedness, wisdom, richness and resilience of the African continent.

Through deep listening we give our clients the space, the support and the opportunity to access their inherent creativity and human genius, which in turn, enables them to respond to their challenges with a renewed sense of future possibility.

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